We aim to have a relaxing environment for everyone. Thank you for understanding.

Policy updates and reminders notice 3/11/19.

Specials & Coupons. All advertised specials are only valid with some technicians. Please read the details listed with each special we offer. You will be responsible for the regular price of the service if a coupon or special does not apply to it. If you have any questions, please present the special before your service starts so that your technician can offer you the correct service and make any adjustments to your service if necessary. Thank you for understanding.
Price Update with Heather. In order to be fair to all clients, and keep up with continuing salon education and costs, Heather will be adopting a no gratuity policy starting 4/1. Beginning 4/1, all services with Heather will reflect an increase, and no additional tips or gratuities will be accepted. For some, this will be a significant increase, to others, your overall costs will be the same or less. To look at Heather's services and service price list, please click here. All other technicians will continue to gratefully accept tips and gratuities at your discretion. Thank you for understanding.
Late and No-Show Appointment. In the past we have been very lenient on no-show appointments and late cancellations (less than 24 hour notice). Recently we have lessened our 24 hour notice to a 20 hour notice, to allow you extra time when receiving your reminders to makes changes to your appointment. By April 1st, you may need to have your card on file with us in order to make an appointment. Your card information will be held securely in our online booking system. For security, we never keep your numbers on hand at the salon, so your information is safe. If you do not show for an appointment, then you will be charged the full amount of the service. If you cancel without at least 20 hours notice, you will be charged 50% of the service price. We understand unexpected things come up and can happen. There will be a one-time exception for everyone, and this history is in your client profile. We reserve your appointment time just for you. If you need to cancel an appointment, please be gracious to other clients who may have wanted your appointment time, by giving us at least 20 hours notice to cancel or reschedule.

20hr Cancelation or Reschedualing
If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call us at 978-686-7500 at least 20 hours before your appointment. This allows us to possibly fill an appointment spot that you have reserved. We reserve the right to charge a fee, up to full price of the service schedualed, if the appointment is canceled within 20 hours before the time it is scheduled, and the appointment time cannot be filled by another client.

Late Appointments
If you are late for an appointment, we will do our best to service you. We cannot guarantee the same service originally scheduled can be performed due to possible time constraints. However, you will be required to pay the amount for the service originally scheduled, even if that service has to be shortened or changed to another service of shorter time.

Missed and No-Call No-Show Appointments
If you fail to notify us that you will be missing your appointment, there may be a missed appointment fee before you may receive any future services. This amount will be determined by the appointment originally scheduled. Any appointment that is late by 15 minutes or more will be considered a missed appointment.

Children & Guests
Children and Guests are always welcome. For the child's safety, children under 8 are required to have a seperate adult or baby sitter, with them if they are not recieving a service.

Electronic Devices
All electronic devices must be on silent or be used with headphones. This includes electronic devices of guests and children.


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