Safety & Sanitation

We believe in happy and healthy hands and feet!

NEW precautions since COVID-19 pandemic

Face Shields
There is now a plastic shield between you and your service provider.

Face Masks
Face masks will be worn by your service provider at all times. Clients are also now required to wear a face mask while in the salon.

Body Temperature
Please take your temperature before your appointment. If you have a temperature, please call us to reschedule. We will be taking the temperature of all clients before servicing. If you have a temperature, you will be asked to reschedule and will not be serviced.

If you are coughing, you will be asked to reschedule and will not be serviced. We understand many clients may have allergies. Please take your allergy medication before coming to the salon. The droplets from any cough or sneeze can spread in the air, and due to the incubation period of this virus, we cannot be for certain who is a carrier or not.

Hand Washing and Sanitizer
Clients are required to wash their hands immediately upon entering the salon.

Contactless Payment
We are set up for contactless payment. If you are able to, please set up Apple Pay on your phone, or provide a card to be kept on file in our secure, PCI-compliant POS system.

Spaced Appointment Times
We are putting 15 minute time breaks inbetween your appointment and the one before and after yours. Please arrive on time for your appointment.

Two Providers MAX at the salon
To lessen the number of people at the salon, we are staffing with only one or two service providers at a time.

Seated Space Between Clients
There will be a 6 feet minimum distance between clients at our 10-foot the nail bar. Pedicure clients will only be served one at a time.

Air Filtration Systems
We have recently changed all filters in the salon, and have increased our number of air filtration systems.

Continued methods

We use steralization method for our tools and implements. After tools have been thoughly disinfectanted, all tools are immersed in an EPA approved bactericide virucide and fungicide steralizing agent. Tools are then placed in disposable air tight pounches until used. All disposable items are thrown away after every service. This method meets and exceeds sanitation methods required by the state board of cosmetology.

Individual Files, Buffers, Etc.
We use disposable files, buffers, orange wood sticks, and pedicure slippers on every client. These items are never re-used on another person.

Pipe-free Cleanjet Whirlpool
Our salon features pipe-free whirlpool systems on all our pedicure chairs. This is a new state-of-the-art whirlpool system that does not use water jets, and instead, uses a magnetic wave to circulate the water. This system can be cleaned more easily than traditional water jet systems, because it does not have pipes that harbor water. Our chairs are cleaned thoroughly by our technicians after each and every client with EPA registered and approved foot spa disinfectant, and each whirlpool nozzle is completely removed, cleaned, and sterilized after each client before it is returned to the pedicure tub.


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Our goal is to provide you with the best service for your needs and lifestyle.

Each of our technicians is licensed and trained in the services that they provide.

Please feel free to speak with any one of our specialists in nails, waxing, or beauty, and we will do our best to find the perfect service for you!

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We prioritize clean beauty in our salon. That means, using products that are of the highest quality in the healthiest way, whenever possible, and making changes when new safer beauty products and services become available for our clients.

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